Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Summer Challenge - Turquoise, Aqua or Jade: Floam Roses

Hi Goddesses

 ... or why not all 3 ??

Here is the modern classic known as Floam, a stunning mixture of of bluey greeny matte glitteriness.  Wonderful, but far too high maintenance - I couldn't cope with the epic removal time - but I did manage to creat this little baby before I swapped it.

This is pure Recycled Nails - a classic Day 2 mani - and is beyond simple.   I first got the idea for this by the patterns left on my palette after I'd tried to gather up the last dregs of a polish blob with my dotting tool - this is nothing more than a swirled blob of polish.

To do this, it's crucial your mani is dry and cement-proof!  I would never do this on Day 1 - well actually, I have, and it doesn't work, as the base polish retains some softness and you end up with flashes of bare nail.

This is a small to medium blob of polish placed on the nail, and then swirled with either your finest dotting tool or a toothpick / cocktail stick.  And all you do is keep swirling til you're happy!  Simple as that!

Sometimes, it might seem as if it's not working, but just persevere, and eventually, your "petals" will appear.

Simples :)  Enjoy xx
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