Thursday, 23 August 2012

Swatch & Review - KBShimmer - No Whine Left

Hi Goddesses

When I saw the first photos of this Collection, THIS was the polish that took my breath away.  My heart started thumping and I'm sure I held my breath.  There was even a little flutter in my soul.

THIS is No Whine Left, not only geniusly named, but also STUNNING.  This could not be a more Crumpet-themed polish if was called Crumpet and came with a lifetime's supply of Crumpets !!  I LOVE IT !

This is dizzyingly deep plum-purple crelly base, strewn with fuchsia and bright blue glitters.  More than anything, this reminds me of a fresh steak - it has that same blue-toned bloodied flesh quality.

Now, you may not know this, but if you go to the same pub that all the witches do, they drink something very similar to this.  This polish is beyond dark and witchy, it's bewitching, insidious and deviantly delicious.  A pure witch would wear this polish til the day she dies, and that, dear Goddesses, is what I intend to do!   Whimsy aside, if I could only wear one polish for life, I would happily wear this.

If you hadn't noticed, this is one of those polishes that inspires my poetic side.   It just unleashes the ooooohs and the metaphors in me.   This also reminds me of a deep blackcurrant crush, a jelly full of buggy squishiness; it's a vampire's cocktail of choice, steeped in matured blood; and it's everything my dark witchy soul has EVER wanted in a polish.

So, I'm off to buy a few more bottles of this so that I NEVER run out.  Christy Rose, thank you for the most perfect polish ever.  I truly could not love this more, even if you called it Crumpet ;) xxx


I hope you've enjoyed KBShimmer Week - I have, and I have honestly LOVED these polishes - at least one of them has crashed into my All Time Top 10.  They were kindly sent to me for an honest review.

This is what the rest of the Collection looks like -

You can check KBShimmer out on Facebook or Etsy, and if like me you are non-US based, you need to head to Harlow and Co to do your purchasing.

Christy kindly sent me a couple of other polishes, including one that was on my wishlist, so you'll see those in the next few weeks, plus one that I am saving for Hallowe'en.

Enjoy xx :)
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