Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Swatch & Review - KBShimmer - Oh Splat!

Hi Goddesses

For most of my friends, this is the polish they are most excited about in this Collection - Oh Splat!

For me, the girl who can't wear white polish cos it looks w-rong against my skin tone, well, I have to lol that this is now the 3rd white polish I have been sent to review in the last 6 weeks.  Someone sure does have a sense of humour :)

That aside, this is *probably* my favourite of the 3, (after piCture pOlish White Wedding and 365 Days of Color My Little Cuppycake) and it's also the one I would be sure to buy in an instant if white polish really were my thing.

It's the bright and cheerful glitter in this that I love.  It's happy, it's clappy and it reminds me of a clown's costume - white, splattered with big blobs of colour.  Oh, and of course I love the name :)

I used this "raw" rather than over white undies, and I used between 2 and 3 coats.  Where I dabbed a bit of a 3rd coat was purely based on whether I felt I could see enough glitter (or whether the last coat of glitter was too buried in the snowy layer).  Again, no application issues at all, for such a glittery polish, this applied beautifully.

The question I've been asked all week is how does it compare to My Little Cuppycake, which had it's own post on the blog last week - here.  Well, let's take a look shall we ?

In all the photos, MLC is on the middle finger only.  Immediately you can see that it has a slightly more opaque consistency, but crucially, the glitter is totally different - more neon, and more irregular ?

Which one is the best ?  Well, that's purely down to personal taste.  You'll either love that MLC is so "out there" for a white polish, or you'll prefer Oh Splat!'s overall cuteness.

As I say, I think Oh Splat! is *probably* my winner, but if you're a white polish lover, you could totally justify owning both (thinks of the girl in that poster screaming "they're not the same, they're sim-i-lar!" lol).

So, one more KBShimmer left, and yes, I HAVE left my favourite for last.  It's got a cool name, and it's just soooooo perfectly Crumpet-y that it relegated the 101% perfect Witch Way to the position of only my 2nd favourite in this Collection.   

See you tomorrow :)  I'm off to soothe my rotting cuticles lol - enjoy xxx
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