Sunday, 19 August 2012

Swatch & Review - KBShimmer - Witch Way

Hi Goddesses

This week sees a very exciting week at The Crumpet - KBShimmer Week.   For those of you who may not have been as obsessed as me, KBShimmer has slowly but assuredly become one of the best indie makers out there.  

Last week, the postman ding donged my bell, and I took delivery of one of the most exciting nail packages I have ever received (and as you know, I've received A LOT!).  Inside a cute box were 9 mini bottles (but large minis, I'll discuss that later) - 5 from her new Collection, and 4 classics, including 1 which was on my Wishlist.

It's funny, when someone offers to send you polish, it's as exciting as Christmas - what am I going to get?  Will I like it ?  Excitedly, I looked at the photos Christy posted online, and mentally ticked off my favourites.  You can imagine the decibels of my squeal when my box contained all the ones I was lusting after.

Which brings us to Witch Way.  For me, this was undoubtedly the pick of the bunch.  Christy describes it like this -  After midnight, a full moon is lighting the night sky making it almost purple in color. Stars in different sizes sparkle and shine, like diamonds. This polish, with its deep grape color is full of holographic glitters made to mimic those diamond like stars.

For me, I looked at it and saw my dream polish.  Deep, dark, dramatic, laden with holo and glitter, THIS is what the Crumpet soul looks like.  

This is a bewitching polish for the Midnight Hour.  If you could scroll down from this amazing sky, you would see bat wings, broomstick tails and maybe a flash of cats eyes.  This is so Halloweeny, it's perfect.   The sorcery and potionery involved in this polish is just magical - darkly magical, obvs :)

The purple is delicious - pretty much like a blackcurrant fruit pastille - and the glitter, the AHEM holographic glitter, is integral to the polish.  I love that this throws up different glints and glimmers as you angle your hand, darkly capturing the light and transforming it into something pitch that crackles with impending sorcery.

Oh, I mentioned the bottle - how cute is this?  It's a 7ml bottle, and therefore a bit bigger than your normal 5ml mini.  It's a great size, and perfect for polishes that you might not wear forever.  Interestingly, every glitter polish I've tried from a mini bottle, has been easier to apply than my full-size bottles.  I don't know whether the glitter is more prone to sinking in the larger bottles, but the glitter has certainly seemed more perfectly dispersed in the smaller ones.

So, saw photo, loved it, got it, squealed, swatched it, drooled .... what happened next ?  Well, staggering though this is, I'm still gonna say it - this is not the favourite polish I received.  No, it's not.  Stellar, enchanting and STUNNING though this is, I received one which was even more gorgeous.  Oh yes I did.  And you know what that means don't you?  Yes, you're going to have to keep following ALL week, through all the hyperbole and fanciful metaphors ....

KBShimmers - every one's a winner.

Facebook Etsy and available internationally via Harlow and Co.  The Collection launches on September 1st.

Enjoy xx :)

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