Friday, 24 August 2012

The Lazy Weekend - Musings from CrumpetLand

Hi Goddesses

It's a lovely weekend in the UK - it's the Bank Holiday, so we don't have to go to work on Monday.  It's also my birthday on Wednesday, so it's shaping up to be a nice week :)

This is one of my wordy rambling / life as a blogger pieces, and it's very much the Next Chapter after Celebration 500.  Back in June, if you remember, I felt I was somewhat at a crossroads.  I had declared myself a "splodger", but I didn't really know what my identity was as a blogger.  Well, here comes my epiphany :)

It's been piecing itself together for a couple of weeks now, randomly.  Firstly, I've realised, I am not a swatcher.  I have nothing but respect for bloggers who manage to swatch 10, 20, 40 polishes a week, but I just can't do it, it bores me.  Ironically, these are the blog types and post types that get the most hits .... and I'm cutting myself off from it ?

Well, you have to do what's good for your soul, and plain old swatching ain't good for mine (plus I'm nowhere near as good as say, The Polishaholic), so from now on, pretty much the only time you'll see a straight swatch is with an Indie polish (which are usually works of art in and of themselves) or of a colour that's taken my breath away, or is sooooo amazing it has to be seen pure, clean and untainted.

The 2nd piece of the puzzle came from you, my readers.  You loved the Mr Smith tutorial, and especially that I show you all the mistakes, and how to rectify them.  And THAT I realised, is my USP.  I'm happy not to be perfect, and in doing that, showing that side of me, I am one of you rather than someone who is better than you, and I like that.

The 3rd thing has been the continuing response to my writing and to the longer pieces like The A to Z of Polish or Which Red Is The Best Red?  To be honest, they're my favourite posts to write, so you'll be seeing a lot more of those too.

And then this week, a lovely lovely blogger who I know, but not well, posted this about me -

Now over the weekend I was obsessed with looking through almost the entire blog of The Crumpet! 

I love the way she writes, it's almost like chatting to a friend and getting great pics of nails too. I also love that she doesn't try and be perfect, you see awesome mani's on her blog and she also posts ones she doesn't like. I love that - a real person who isn't always perfect. I think in this nail blogging world sometimes people seem so perfect and so amazingly talented it makes me scared to try in case mine turns out rubbish and I fail. People like Debbie at The Crumpet help me to see that you just have to do something - and if it doesn't turn out the way you wanted then it doesn't really matter. She also has an amazingly creative mind and posts a lot (and has massive hauls which make me feel much better about mine! lol).

Isn't that lovely?  Thanks Miagi Cat, it really REALLY touched me.  Now, before you all worry, I'm not re-posting her lovely words to show you how precious I am, but as a reminder to me, and to all of us, of what (hopefully) makes this blog a little bit different, and a little bit special :)

Ok, so where does that leave us?  Well, THIS is where it leaves us.  We now have regular programming, a series of features that are hopefully going to keep this blog bursting with life and smiles -

* Monkey See Monkey Do Monday
* Time Capsule Tuesday
* Work Wear Wednesday
* Brit Nails Thursday
* Friday Friends

These are the "core" posts.  You may not get all of them every week, but that's only cos there's all this to fit in too :)

* The A to Z of Polish
* more Best ofs like the Which Red Is The Best Post
* Purple Pleasure - yup, purple's back !!!
* Indie Weeks
* Stamping Sunday
* you'll also see the latest collections, like OPI Germany, but with nail art on top
* British Nail Bloggers - this will post every Sunday and will replace The Lazy Sunday (my own round-up will be included with the round up of the Best of British)
* Recycled Nails
* Tutorials
* Ask Crumpet!

Phew !!!  And there's also a couple of cool and awesome challenges which are going to kick off soon.   Stay tuned for more info on the Sat-ART-Day Club.

Well that's a lot, isn't it?!  It is, but as I say, you won't get one of everything every week, but that is the general types of posts you'll be seeing.  I'm feeling that this is becoming much more of a "magazine" style blog - round ups, comparisons, how-tos - and I'm comfortable with that, and hope you are too :)

Anyway, I'm going to ramble off now.  I have some birthday manis to prepare and I also have some hella gorgeous polishes to go and play with.

As ever, THANK YOU for reading my muddled mind every day, and thank you even more if we've become friends along the way.  There may just be a little birthday treat or 2 in store :)

Enjoy xx :)
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