Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Work Wear Wednesdays - Glitter Gal Suede holo

Hi Goddesses

... and welcome to ANOTHER new feature :)  I told you we'd be getting more structured :)  Oh AND these are first photos from my new So Hot It HURTS camera :)

I'm in quite a lot of nail groups, and one of the things I feel sad about is how many girls are under nail restriction at work.  Fortunately, I am not, so I often go to work with different manis on different hands, but I know a lot of you are not so lucky, so I wanted to do a weekly feature that would give you ideas of either polishes to wear, or subtle things you might be able to get away with :)

Also, to be selfish, I own a lot of "Work Wear Appropriate" polishes, but never wear them lol, so this is also a good opportunity for me to trot out some of my neutrals and more subtle hues.

Today we start with a lovely Glitter Gal polish which I rarely see swatched anywhere.  This is Suede holo, a divine smooth plush velvety milky coffee colour, dusted with the faintest sprinkle of holo.  Gorgeous.

The holo is not especially strong in this polish, so this is ideal if you want to wear a taupe with an added secret :)  unless people get REALLY close to you, no-one will know that you're twinkling!

It's definitely an unusual polish to see a holo shade for, and I actually really like that the holo is so scattered.  There's no artificial bend going on here, just smooth latte loveliness with subtle twinkliness on top.

Lovely!  If you have anything specific you want this series to cover, just comment below.  What are YOUR Work Wear Challenges ?

Enjoy xx :)
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