Monday, 27 August 2012

Zoya Daul - Swatch, Review and Stamp!

Hi Goddesses

So, in this weekend's post that DIDN'T cause all the drama, I spoke about how unless it was an Indie or a super special polish, I wouldn't be doing pure swatch posts anymore.

Well, this is your first look at a new style swatch post - you still get to see how the polish looks in it's clean and pure state, but you also get to see how I arted it up after :)

So yes, Zoya Daul from Zoya's Diva Collection.  Familiar much?  Why, yes, it is ..... super similar to Zoya Faye and OPI It's My Year, this has a delicately coloured base loaded with gold foil which leaves a heavenly fusion on your nails.

Unfortunately for me, it's not my thing.  I can completely appreciate it's prettiness, subtlety and possible workwear-ability, but these types of polishes always lean wrong on me.  Mainly, I look at my hand, and I see gold, and I do not like gold.  On one rare occasion today, in a shady corner of the room, it leaned as purple as it would go, but like a ghost - SNAP - it was gone.   So, beautiful yes, Crumpety, no.

So, what did my playtime entail?  Well, Sally Hansen Purple Bolt and BM-306 - a combination soooo subtle, that not even I can see it clearly!

Actually, that's probably the very thing I love about this stamping - it's subtlety.  Purple Bolt matches the Daul purple base so perfectly, that unless you're super close up, you cannot tell there has been stamping.  And I love the secrecy of that, I really do, as well the delicate pattern I chose.

So there ya go - that's a new look swatch post for ya. I hope you enjoyed xx :)
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