Thursday, 6 September 2012

31 Day Challenge - Day 6 VIOLET

Hi Goddesses

So here's one of the things I have never understood about this challenge :  the first section is clearly structured after the rainbow - red orange yellow green blue - and then instead of Indigo-Violet, we just get Violet.  Er, why do we have to ditch a purple ?  That's so unfair.  You made me do YELLOW and I can't have 2 purples ???  Sheeeeesh.

Now, this was actually hard.  Do you know how many purple themed manis I have in the The Vault ???  Seriously, I'm sure I could do the whole challenge just using purple.  Although yellow day might be a bit tricky .... anyhow ....

This lovely little confection is a Recycled Nails mani.   Day 1 was Mother May I?  by Girly Bits, a divine lilac glitterfest, which you can see HERE.

On Day 2, I picked up Sally Hansen Purple Bolt (a GREAT stamping polish) and DRK-A which has on it this fabulous swirly pattern.  Swirly?  Spirally ?  

I love the overall effect.  There's something just a little bit cosmic and galaxy-ish about it, and the 2 purples work really well together.

Enjoy xx :)

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