Friday, 28 September 2012

31 DC - Day 28 - Inspired By A Flag

Hi Goddesses

Ugh today has been a long day.  I am full of snot from a particularly heavy cold, have just been for a meal out and STILL have a blog post to do before I can call it an early night and listen to the Ryder Cup.

Inspired By A Flag was a tricky one for me, but only because I did soooooo many variations of the Union Jack this summer.  Because of that, I couldn't bear to do it again, but then I really struggled for something else to represent.  In the end I wondered what flags there were to represent causes rather than countries, and that's where today's mani came from.

Today we have the Peace Flag - rainbow gradient lushness and look, letters !!!!   As soon as I found it on Google, it seemed soooo appropriate given our troubled times, and I also loved how it harked back to the 60s, and a much simpler era.

The base of this mani is a gradient of 5 nail polishes.  I LOVE how these all mooshed together.   I felt it would be too much to do 7 polishes, so I eliminated a couple!  I ended up using Max Factor Red Passion, and Barry M in Yellow, Spring Green, Cyan Blue and Indigo.

For the gradient, I dribbled the polish in lines on my piece of plastic that I use, allowing them to overlap a little, and then used a smooth make-up sponge to apply.  I think I used  3 applications to get enough polish on the nail.   Now this next part is personal preference, but I deliberately didn't line my sponge up perfectly every time I reapplied the polish - I thought it added to the gradient to do it this way. Here is the gradient on its own - pretty damn gorgeous if I do say so myself.

And finally I used a thin brush and OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls to add the lettering - I quite like that the lettering ended up being simple and childlike.

Enjoy!  xx :)
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