Tuesday, 11 September 2012

31DC - Day 11 - DOTS

Hi Goddesses

What is it about dotticures?  Everybody seems to love them, and they are always my most popular posts.

This mani is a companion piece to a pink version I did for MSMD HERE - this was actually on my right hand whilst the pink version was on my left.

Again, this used the amazing OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls as a base, and was variously dotted with Barry M Retro Blue, Rimmel Sky High, Rimmel Stormy Skies and Max Factor Cool Jade.

There are one or 2 giveaways that I was dotting with my non-dominant hand - there's always at least one!  Oh look, that great big oblong splodge where the dotter skimmed off the surface of my nail lol.   I always manage to rub a dot off too when I dot my right hand - it's ALWAYS on the index finger, the side next to the middle finger.  Lol.  At least I can predict myself!

I loved the cooling effect of this, and that's why I've included so many shade shots, as they seem to best reflect the icy heart of this mani.

Enjoy xx :)

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