Saturday, 15 September 2012

31DC Day 15 - Delicate

Hi Goddesses

Being a great big harrumphing Crumpet, today was always going to be a challenge for me.  Me and delicate, well, let's say we keep each other at arm's length, and that's they way we like it :)

However, upon the arrival of my new awesome LeaLac plate from Llarowe, it all came together easily, if not perfectly.  For the longest time, this has been one of my favourite manis - 

It comes from MaDManis Blog, and you can see the original here.   There's just something perfect both in the colour choice and the delicacy of those whisps in the wind.

Anyhow, the new LLC-A plate features this stamp, and as soon as I saw it, I knew it was an opportunity to recreate this mani.

HOWEVER.... the LeaLac plates are huge, and I mean HUGE.  I have large paws, and even I think they're huge!  Now for some patterns, that's not a problem, but with this one, it sadly meant I couldn't fit the whole dandelion on one nail, so I ended up doing a kind of composite, placing it at different points on the nail to give the overall impression of what it looked like!   Gggrrrrrr.

The base is Zoya Caitlin, and if you look very carefully, you can see the index finger chipped after 1 day at work.  This NEVER happens to me.  I wonder if it's because of all the cuticle oil I'm slavering on at the moment.

As usual, I stamped with Barry M Silver foil, and whilst the overall effect is still gorgeous, it really doesn't compare to the original.

Still, this is probably as delicate as a Crumpet gets.

Enjoy xx :)

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