Sunday, 16 September 2012

31DC Day 16 - Tribal Nails

Hi Goddesses

Shit.  Today is Tribal Nails.  Shit.  And double shit.

I've never been able to do tribal - AND it daunts me.  I think it's partly because I haven't practiced it, but also partly because it seems to require very fine brush strokes - and we all know how clunky I am.

So this is my first attempt at Tribal.  It's not even Tribal, it's "Crumpet Practices Tribal".   This was done on top of Enkelini's glorious orange holo Lainey Lou which I wore back on Day 2 - HERE.

I never intended this to be a proper post, but illness screws up even the finest of schedules .... I was going to have another attempt, but sinuses have left us both dealing with this one instead!

I only added 3 colours - Barry M Block Orange, a white and my trusty CG Ink Pot.   Mainly, this was experimentation with no plan for how it would turn out, just let's see what happens.  As usually is the case when I do this, the first nail (the thumb) is the best, because I at least had half an idea for that one, whereas as we work our way round to the pinkie, we really are wondering what to do next lol.

I love that a lot of you follow this blog because I am not perfect, and this is a classic example of me practicing what I preach. I'm a big believer in Recycled Nails and in playing with your mani before you take it off - and that's exactly what happened here:  I wanted to give tribal a go, and this was my first practice session.

I'm determined I'm going to get good at this - there's too many fab examples out there that keep cooing at me :) 

Enjoy xx :)

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