Wednesday, 19 September 2012

31DC Day 19 - Galaxies!

Hi Goddesses

The Galazy mani is my nemesis.  I absolutely love it, think it looks stunning, but can I do it ?  Can I ARSE!  I think it's because it requires a degree of delicacy and precision to be effective .. yeh ....

So today I cheated, and used one of the new Cheeky Plates - CH 46 - which features images of planets and funky spaceships.

Unfortunately, galaxy manis means choosing a dark colour for a base.  I don't know what it is.  When I apply black, it's like I lose all my skills, and it looks as messy as if a toddler did it! 

Without realising it, I made the task SUPER difficult for myself by using one of my birthday pressies - Crows Toes Triple Black Diamond.  This is a black glitter LOADED with dark holographic particles, meaning this flashes shadows, not light.

Unfortunately, it has the consistency of tar, and it was REALLY difficult to move around the nail.   Lauri deliberately makes her polishes thick so that you can thin them if you prefer, and this will definitely need a few drops of thinner before I use it again.   When glitter is thick, it becomes almost impossible to manoeuvre it around the nail without leaving gaps around the edges or spilling it over onto the skin.  Plus, glitter clean up (especially when it's fine glitter like this) is a real bitch.

So it's a good job that Triple Black Diamond looked so mighty pretty, but next time I will definitely layer it over black, which will make the application much easier.

But come on, how 60s cool do those spaceships look lol.

Enjoy xx :)

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