Thursday, 20 September 2012

31DC Day 20 - Water Marble

Hi Goddesses

Here we go, Judgement Day lol.  Water Marbles, aaaah so pretty and ugh so tricky :(  Water Marble = Aqua Horribilis.

For those of you who've followed the blog for some time, you'll know that for the last few months, I've really really struggled to water marble.  I know how to do it, I just can't get the polish to spread in the water anymore.   And that pains me, it really really does, because I think water marbling is the single most beautiful thing you can do with a nail polish, and a year ago, it was the thing that really made me sit up and go OOOOHHHH!

Previously, I've managed to pull off some lovely marbles.  Not perfect, but nice.

However, since I decamped to the nail room - nada nada nada.   Last month, I had a mini breakthrough and realised how wafty and drafty I like the room wasn't helping.  It was drying the polish on the water too quickly, and this was why it wasn't spreading.   

Well, behold ye the latest breakthrough - my water only likes glass!  After trying plastic cups, I've gone back to glass, and whaddaya know - yup, loads better.

For this marble I used OPIs - Fly, My Very First Knockwurst (which I also used as undies) and Kiss Me On My Tulips.  And it's not bad, not bad at all for these rusty hands.  Better yet, it's given me the confidence that I can keep practicing now that I can get the bloody polish to spread !!!!!

And relaaaaaaax.   The thing that most makes me chuckle about these photos is that you can so clearly see how I marble.  Thumb first.  Then index and middle together.  Then ring and baby together.  Lol.

I like how the index and middle are like some angry deranged butterfly, and the thumb has the beginnings of something professional.  You might be able to see that this got messed up by some splashback on its way out the water, so I "cleaned it up" by colouring it back in with Tulips lol.  Slightly messy, but it killed the worst of it.

I am sure you are going to see some absolute beauties today by amazing goddesses who can manipulate polish at will.  Ggggrrrrr.

Enjoy xx :)

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