Sunday, 23 September 2012

31DC - Day 23 - Inspired By A Movie

Hi Goddesses

So you maaaaaaay remember yesterday that I was discussing how these "inspired by" challenges often leave you compromising.  Voila ma mani :)

I am sure everyone else today is going to post something amazing, and that for at least half of them I'll clap my hand to my head and go "doh, I could have done that"  ggrrrrrr.   But other than a half-hearted suggestion from Beth to do Star Wars, I was out of ideas, mainly because I did 7 Harry Potter manis back in May and then the SuperHero / Villain challenge.

Anyway ... fast forward ... Google .. searching for Hallowe'en images ... la de dah .... and .... OH.  Half an idea.  The Addams Family.  Hhhmmmm, using my new birthday present - Crows Toes.

So yes, here we have a shameless cheat for Day 23, one black paw skittled with Crows Toes loveliness -
* thumb - slices of Morticia, Gomez and Thing
* index - Morticia
* middle - Gomex
* ring - Thing
* pinkie - Kat Nip  (nooooo idea, but it looked pretty)

First the bad news.  Crows Toes glitters are not for beginners.  If you are a polish newb, Step Away From The Bottle lol.  These are deliberately insanely thick, which means usually 1 coat is MORE than enough, and occasionally too much!  Application needs to be done carefully and sparingly.  So not clunked on ?  No, carefully and spaaaaaaringly.

The good news is - Holy Mother of Glitter, will you LOOK at all that sparkle ?  I even included a blurry shot, just so you could see how dazzling it is.  Seriously, you could read by the glitterlight of Thing.

Each of these polishes is insane in their own way, and I'm not going to dwell on them too much here, because they deserve whole posts on their own.  Suffice to say - wow!

Morticia is red-based ...

Gomez is blue based ....

and Thing ... wow ... Thing is .... wow.  More than anything, he reminds me of a more insane and gold version of Rainbow Connection.  Staggering multi-glitter.  Not subtle.

Kat Nip ... green ....

Enjoy xx :)

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