Tuesday, 25 September 2012

31DC Day 25 - Inspired By Fashion

Hi Goddesses

Hmmmm I was prepared to be indulgent with this one.  I'm quite keen on pinterest, and spend a lot of my time pinning patterns that I like.  However, none of them seemed "fashiony" to me, so I had to resort to Google.

It took a lot of effort (fashion is waaaaay to broad a category) but eventually I found this pattern from Chanel.

Not anything I'd wear, but it was big and blocky, and - crucially - didn't that colour look a lot like one of the new OPIs ??  So yes, I chose today's inspiration purely so that I could use Don't Talk Bach To Me lol.

DTBTM is not a Crumpet-y colour at all, and yet it entrances me.  It's chartreuse (?), wedged somewhere between yellow and lime green, but laden with a really delicate shimmer.   Seriously, I keep staring at it.  I'm convincing myself right now, as we speak, that I need to keep it for nail art lol.

It's really great to see unusual colours in Collections, and this is one of the shades that makes the Germanys such winners.

Anyway, back to the art.  As you can see, I started with the colour, and really, it would have been a LOT easier to start with the black or the white.

This mani is basically just a very highly evolved tape mani, with small sections being taped off, rather than end to end sections.

I cheated at some points to speed the process up, using my CG Ink pot, but that was pure laziness!  Overall, I do think this mani has impact, and I think it captures the source of the inspiration, but it's not something I would be likely to wear on a daily basis.

Enjoy xx :)

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