Wednesday, 26 September 2012

31DC Day 26 - Inspired By A Pattern

Hi Goddesses

Today's post is rather different, and I'm glad that I've managed to insert it into the challenge, because I can see a LOT of these patterns in my mani future.

You may remember, a couple of hauls back, I bought some strips of stickers which could be used for nail art.  Usually these stickers are just to do french tips, but I found a seller who had chevrons, straight lines, wiggly lines, more chevrons - all sorts.  You can check her out HERE.

So I thought I'd show you today how effective those patterns are.  How do they fit with the challenge?  Well, because now I know they work, I'm going to be inspired left, right and centre.

Firstly, these work in the same way as striping tape so - make sure your polish is dry.  Top coat it.  Ideally, these should be used for day 2 manis, but you can use them on the same day you paint your nails As Long As They Are Dry :)

And then just as with striping tape, you place them on your nail, and then paint in the gap you've created.  Again, you need to make sure you are using opaque polishes that are good to go in 1 coat - you can't do 2 coats.

With all these I experimented over 365 Days of Color's My Little Cuppycake - as I've said before, the best time to experiment is just before you take a mani off.  Unfortunately, the coloured glitter in it makes a couple of the patterns look messy (particularly the middle finger) but I had no issues with any of them.

So, they work.  I've since been back and bought a holy crapton of them to keep me going for a while.  They are genius!!

Enjoy xx :) 

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