Thursday, 27 September 2012

31DC Day 27 - Inspired By Artwork

Hi Goddesses

As a self-declared splodger, it really shouldn't surprise you which direction I took today :)  I was Googling around, looking for something funky yet random, when I found this -

And I likeyed.  A lot.  In the end, it was harder to do than I anticipated, mainly because a nail is not as large as a canvas lol, but I do wish I had done the pattern across all the nails, rather than individually on 5 nails.

In the process though I used my Sally Hansen Nail Art pen for the first time and we are soooooo indecently in love we need an 18 rating.   I can't believe it's taken me ppppffff  15/16 months of nail art before I knew of its existence, but now that I have found her, I am not letting go!

The base for this mani was the stunning Zoya Megan, which will be coming to a Work Wear Wednesday near you soon.   I then created my pattern with my white pen, and coloured in, using a thin dotting tool and the following colours - 

Barry M - Turquoise, Mint Green, Indigo, Coral, Bright Pink, Bright Purple

Overall, this mani has got some POW but I don't think I've quite captured the original.  That said, it's exactly the sort of random nail art that I adore.

Fresh, funky and colourful.

Enjoy xx :)

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