Saturday, 29 September 2012

31DC - Day 29 - Supernatural

Hi Goddesses

We're nearly at the end !!  Wooo hoooo!  I have to say, this has been one of the most relaxed challenges I've ever done, mainly because I had at least a third of the manis in the vault before we started, and then because well, 30 days doesn't seem so long when you've done 90 day challenges lol !

Today is Supernatural day.  I think I had TOO many ideas for this one, and with Hallowe'en around the corner, it became a bit of a compromise.  In the end, I found a really cute stamping image and decided to stamp the China Glaze New Bohemians over black, if only to find out what Laurie keeps blathering on about!

So here they are, cute ickle ghosts.  This little guy lives on BM-223.  So far, I've been REALLY underwhelmed with the Bohemians, but Laurie has done some amazing things with them (her blog is HERE.)

And do you know what, I'm still underwhelmed.  I forgive China Glaze though, because they've had an otherwise brilliant year, but compared to HITS, Ozotics and even w7, these just don't hit my duochrome spot.

As a result, I'm a little bit meh about the mani too - I wish I'd framed it with something sparkly or ethereal to give it more of an otherworldly quality.  Oh well, you mani and you learn!

Enjoy xx :)
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