Friday, 7 September 2012

31DC - Day 7 - Black and White

Hi Goddesses

Today is Day 7 of the 31 Day Challenge, and mine is a fail, but I'm posting it anyway, cos we're going to LEARN today :)

There's a lot of dramatic things you can do with black and white, and I've seen some stunning manis today.  For mine, I wanted to go with something that WAS black and white in real life, and after rejecting a black and white film mani, decided to go for pianos.

Going through my plate stash, I was surprised to find 2 patterns, both of them different.  One focused more on the keys, whilst the other looked more like a keyboard.   The keys are Mash-44 on your left, and the keyboard is on your right - BM-207.   Mash is on my middle and index nails, and BM is on my thumb, ring and little fingers.

So, our first lesson is that placing a stamp on a nail in a specific place is NOT as easy as it looks.  Behold the thumb.  I thought this was plumb horizontal as I stamped it - lol!

The second is how different the quality of the stamps are.  The BM was crisp and neat and perfect, the Mash one had pooling around the edges, and you can see it hasn't stamped crisply.  In fact, it looks a bit of a mess.

So why show you ?  Well, if the only plate you had was Mash-44, you wouldn't know that these issues were not your fault, and you'd be beating yourself up about how you couldn't get it to stamp cleanly, and wow, what a holy mess you'd made.  No.   Yes, it's a mess and a fail, but - and this is important - sometimes, it's not about you.

Enjoy - and persevere :)  xx

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