Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Barry M Gelly Blood Orange meets .... China Glaze Glitter Goblin

Hi Goddesses

Today's post is pic heavy and I make no apologies for it.  These 2 polishes separately and combined are droolworthy in every way, and trust me, by the end you'll need a bucket or a very big tissue!

First up, Barry M Blood Orange from the Gelly range.  It's not orange, it's bright red, and it IS one of my faves.

I firmly believe every stash should own a polish like this - red, bright and glossy.  There is something timeless about it, and utterly perfect, as well as bewitching, sexy and glamorous.  This is a perfect 1940s red, a perfect 1950s red - seriously, it is so retro it belongs in any and every era, including now.

Red polish at it's brightest and squishiest is one of my happy places, and this polish makes me oh so happy.  It's just gorgeous, utterly gorgeous.

It's so luscious and delicious, succulent and juicy - hell, it's more droolworthy than a bucket of Maoams !!  Total and utter win.

And then we have China Glaze Glitter Goblin.  You can blame the Polishaholic for this.  I had no interest in the CG Hallowe'en collection, especially this polish, which looks like the nasty bronze relation of the 2 Safari glitters.  But no, she swatched it, and I was HOOKED.

Look at it !!!  Look at it !!!  Bronzey coppery blah blah blah and HOLO GLITTER.  Holo !!!  Glitter!!  Glittering hololy .... or something !

Wow, wow, wow.  Just gorgeous, blindingly gorgeous.  Look how amazing it looks even when it's blurry!

These 2 polishes together are just to die for.    Pure polish perfection.  Dizzying.  Resplendent.   Sumptuous.  Magnificent.   Lush.   

Winner winner, chicken dinner!

Enjoy xx :)
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