Monday, 24 September 2012

Barry M Gelly Satsuma meets .... Models Own Disco Inferno

Hi Goddesses

OK, so now that we have previewed all the Barry M Gellies and all the Models Own Mirrorballs, it's time to take a closer look at both.  Over the next 9 days, you'll see all of the Gellies, the 5 Mirrorballs, and a few other glitters that hopped out of the untried pile to play :)

I'm going to start with this combination because it literally blew my socks off when I did it.  I don't know what I expected from the Mirrorballs, but I don't think it was this.

Let's start at the Barry end first.  As I mentioned yesterday, Satsuma is almost neon, it's THAT orange.  I personally don't find that type of brightness attractive on me, but I know this will be perfect for a lot of you.

This is gorgeous squidgy orangeness - no application issues at all.

Although it may just look bright in these photos, trust me, you'll need sunglasses when you wear it!

And then we have Models Own Disco Inferno.  I love the composition of these glitters.   I think the orange base was perfect to highlight not only the gold, but the unexpected green.  Yes, I like it BECAUSE of the green!

I love that his has squares, shards, diamonds - it's like someone hoovered up the floor in the glitter store.  I adore the craziness of it.

I mentioned the smell of these polishes - well, this is one I'm desperate to keep despite the smell, it's THAT beautiful.

Ah, I just can't get enough of looking at it.  I honestly don't think glitter gets more perfect than this.

Enjoy xx :)
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