Sunday, 30 September 2012

Barry M Pomegranate meets ..... Models Own Hot Stuff

Hi Goddesses

Now THIS is what you call a sweet combination.  Don't these 2 look effortless together ?

So, Barry first of all.  Pomegranate is one of the Gellies I am still on the fence about.  It's lovely, a 1 coater, looks super glossy, but there's something that just doesn't reach me, soulwise.

I mentioned in the preview post that this reminds me a lot of a glossy version of Barry M Raspberry, and I still hold by that.   I think my conflict comes from the fact that this is a colour I USED to wear a lot, but which I have outgrown.

Pomegranate sits on the line where crimson and fuschia fuse together.   This is a reddy dark magenta, and a pinky ruby.  It's gorgeous, don't get me wrong, but I just don't gravitate to this colour anymore.

Hot Stuff is the "pink one" from the Models Own Mirrorballs. This definitely has wow factor, and Pomegranate ended up being a great base for it too.

As with the other Mirrorballs, this is loaded with glitter shards, diamonds and squares, totally random, and I do love that about these mixes.

Colourwise, this is a nestling of pink, violet, gold and silver - sensational.

I just want to return for a second to the subject of how these polishes smell.  A couple of people have commented "yes, all Models Own polishes smell because they are not 3-free".  Believe me, I KNOW that.  What I am trying to say (though apparently not very eloquently) is that these smell a LOT worse than your average Models Own polish, like 10 times worse.  For me, and my sensitive nose, these compare to gloss paint or varnish, whereas a normal Models Own might just compare to emulsion paint.   I love Models Own as a brand, I really do, but I am constantly staggered by how many people in the nail polish community share my sinus and migraine pain - THAT'S why I am emphasising this in every post.  I am probably going to have to sell ALL my Mirrorballs, because my nose can't handle them, and that makes me sad.  If I'd never known how glorious they looked on my nails, I'd be a lot LESS sad.  And maybe, just maaaaaybe, this might help Models Own make the jump to 3-free.

Ok, ramble over - enjoy! xx :) x
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