Saturday, 15 September 2012

Digit-al Dozen Does BLUE - Zoya Natty

Hi Goddesses

Aw that went so fast!  We're ALREADY at the end of Blue Week :(  I hope you've been clicking on the other links each day, there have been some truly special manis out there.  Special shout out to Bee who did her own spin, did a Day 1 mani, and then for each subsequent day added something to it.  Honestly, 5 looks from 1 mani?  That's hard!

I think part of why I've had so much fun is that these ladies are actually my bestest blogging friends too, so it's like a special little family :)   Talking of special, we'll be back in about 3 weeks ... and next time, we'll be getting spooky !!!

So, I've chosen to end the week as I began it, with one of Zoya's new blues.  This is Natty, and we're really not sure whether we like each other.  

Natty is a smoky medium blue - think medium grey, and add a dash of blue.  She reminds me very much of last year's Petra, but I don't have that polish so can't compare them.  I only have 2 other polishes close to this shade, a Bettina and a Nubar, both from their "Jeans" collections.   There is a lovely faded feel to this ... in the bottle.

On the nail, not so much.  It dries at least 2 shades darker, and that's where it all goes wrong for me.  It makes it darker, but not dark; darker, but less blue; darker, but less smoky.   It's like it dries all the subtlety out of it.

My plan was to do a Saran Wrap mani, and take a lovely smokey creme (allegedly) and roll it around in some lighter, brighter blue.  I picked up Zoya Skylar - the lovely tone and the fabulous shimmer looked as if it would make a fabulous contrast ..... But no.  Apparently, shimmers don't like the saran wrap shimmy, so what I ended up with was a matted version of what I had before.  I don't dislike it ... but it's not what I was aiming for.

Holy cow, it's going sooooo well!  So far, so .... Lol, I really didn't know WHAT to do at this point.   So, when in doubt, stamp it out!   I had just received my amazing new stamping plates from Llarowe, and 1 particular pattern kept winking at me from LLC-A.

And hello awesome mani !!!!   I LOVE THIS !!   This is why sometimes it's a good idea to keep going.  Everything about this mani now works.  The silver stamp, the accent nail, the Skylar ... love it ... love it.   

But I'm still getting splinters about Natty.  Do I love her enough to keep her for silver starstruck manis ?  No.  Such a shame though - she'd look lovely if she was the colour she is in the bottle :/

Enjoy xx :)

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