Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Digital Dozen Does: BLUE - Ruffles

Hi Goddesses

Yes I am obsessed, and nooooo, I am not going to apologise :)  This is my 3rd ruffle mani in as many weeks.  I love them!

As you know, I am a self-declared Splodger, so I tend to like nail art that's not too exact.  Now, whilst a ruffle is more exact than say .... a splatter ... there's still something sufficiently random about this to appeal to my inner child.

For those of you who like the science, let me lay down a few guidelines for you -
* always use a base colour first, ideally using the palest colour in your ruffle.  When I did the rainbow ruffle, I used a nude, as I didn't think any of the other colours were safe enough (they'd have distorted what I dotted on top)
* think about the order of your colours - are you going from light to dark, or random
* think about which size dotting tool to use.  You want to go fairly large, to get the appearance of dots.  I have large nails and I used the next to largest size

* try to make your dots look separate - it creates a better effect.  Where mine are too close together, it just looks like I did a lumpy line
* pick your first colour, and do all your nails in that colour first.  Then stop.
* be patient - you're going to have to wait til that first colour is dry before you can do your next row.  Again, do all 5 nails.  Then stop

So, which colours did I use this time ?
OPI Ogre The Top Blue
Sally Hansen Himalayan Blue
OPI DS Glamour
China Glaze Secret Peri-Wink-le
China Glaze Kinetic Candy - also used as the base colour
Oh My Gosh Cobalt Blue

A random layer of holo or glitter really spices things up - I love the impact here of the Glamour layer.

And there you have it - Ruffles !  See you tomorrow, and don't forget to check out the rest of the lovely ladies.

Enjoy xx :)

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