Saturday, 22 September 2012

Haul! Birthday Group & Swapsies

Hi Goddesses

It was my birthday at the end of August, and as I am in a birthday polish group I was very excited by what the mailman might bring me!

How the polish group works is that you have 12 girls, each assigned to 1 month of the year, and each month everybody else buys the birthday girl a present.  I had hinted STRONGLY that I would love the entire Crows Toes Collection and I literally squealed when I arrived home from work on my birthday to find this -

What was so exciting was a) I knew by the fact that it had come from Overall Beauty that it WAS the Crows Toes, and b) - what were the odds of it actually arriving on my birthday??  I call that good karma.

Let's peek inside the box :)

MY CROW'S TOES - thank you Bee, Kerrie, Claire, Emma, Lyncia, Stella, Tara, Jewli, Stephanie and Sam.

I also received a couple of extras from Kerrie- thank you

and from Momma (we had already swapped birthday pressies ooooh 4 months before our birthdays lol) - thank you.

So, I was very happy with my birthday pressies.  Being me, I also HAD to buy myself a pressie - you can see that in the next haul post!

I also had some fantastic swaps over the last few weeks.

I finally snagged NARS Purple Rain, one of my biggest lemmings, in a blog sale.

And I got these amazing lovelies in a swap with the lovely Katee

I swapped with Jess (sorry for the fuzzy pic)

and then I got Glacier Bay Blues in a blog sale - classic OPI !!

2 more haul posts to come, maybe not today.  My birthday treats to myself ... and then my normal naughtiness!

Enjoy xx :)
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