Saturday, 22 September 2012

Hauls - My Birthday Treat To Me

Hi Goddesses

I'm a big believer that you should celebrate yourself, so every year I buy myself a birthday present and a Christmas present.   As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I was delighted to get home from work on my birthday to find my dream package from my Birthday Group.  After I'd ripped that open, what was the next thing I did?  Jumped on Llarowe and ordered a load of other things from my wishlist !!

So here we go.  It WAS a biggie, but it WAS my birthday, and I'd like to think I'm worth it :)

First up, 2 polishes from Girly Bits.  Cu Blue is on the left.  I'm obsessed with blue polishes with copper in them.  On the right is Stormy Skies, one of my very favourite polishes. It was also my very first Indie buy in a teeeeenny itty bitty 5ml bottle, and after wearing it once I've been afraid to wear it again in case the bottle runs out!  Sooooo happy I now have a full size bottle to play with.  

Candeo Joker and FINALLY Pretty and Polished Sand Art which I've heard a lot about.

4 more Pahlish amazingbombs - Train Underwater and Glittoris

and Chemical Swirl and Typewriter Keys

Picture Polish loveliness

and 3 Hare polishes (although I bought more later lol).  I tell you what, Hare redefines stunning.  Just glorious.  Glorious.

and 2 Glitter Gal duochromes - Warped Teal and Hell-Bent Blue

I also bought these before my birthday - as you know, OPI, CG and Zoya had their big collection releases.  Rude not to blah blah blah.

Ok, that's enough naughtiness for now - enjoy! xx :)
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