Thursday, 6 September 2012

RBL Rescue Beauty Lounge Scrangie - Die Lemming Die

Hi Goddesses

So, the other week in Ask Crumpet, we discussed what a lemming was, so hopefully most of you now know that it's a polish you really crave.

Rescue Beauty Lounge (RBL) Scrangie had been on my lemming list for a while, partly because it was purple, partly because it was name after / designed by the ultimate swatching Goddess, and partly because it was RBL, who are supposedly the polish equivalent of Beluga Caviar.

Yeh, not so much.  This is the 2nd RBL I've worn in a week, and both of them have left me cold.  Partly, this sucks, because they look so PRETTY in the bottle.  On the other hand, this is really good news, because now I won't want to buy anymore.

So why don't I like Scrangie (the polish, NOT the blogger!).  Well, because I think it has too much of an identity crisis.  It's purple - with green shimmer.  It dries semi-matte.  It looks textured, but it's not ... it's just a mess of a polish.  For me, a purple whore, the green just kills the polish dead, and the greeny shimmer only makes it look like rotting meat.  Me sad :(

In some lights, the shimmer fades away to leave a grapey purple - but it's nothing special.  And then, as I'm sat here pondering my polish, Love Varnish Chocolate and More posts THIS amazing swatch -

And my heart breaks!  I would be HAPPY to have that on my nail, but instead I have some radioactive purple pigeon poo.  No, me not happy at all :(  Bummer.

xx :)
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