Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Summer Challenge - Day 36951 - Hothouse Flowers

Hi Goddesses

Ok, ok, I know it's really Day 62 or something but MAN, what was I thinking ???  A 66 Day Challenge ??  And then I drop out on the final lap ?  Whoops, naughty Crumpet!

I'm making an effort this week, I promise.  I've really just lost enthusiasm for this challenge, partly I think because summer never really arrived in the UK, and man those autumny purples are calling to me!

Can I just say, for the record, how much I LOVE THIS MANI?! Oh this delighted me.  It was so happy, and bright and cheerful and perfect.  Loved it, absolutely loved it.

The origin for this mani is the Essie Neons playdate I had with myself a few weeks ago - this is a gradient between Action and Lights.  Seriously, just the gradient looked Amazeballs.

Now, tell me this isn't just one of the best stamps of all time.   This is from BM-320, and I think it's main purpose is to look like the water marble bloom.  For me though, it also looks like the segment of a gigantic flower.  I used Konad Red to stamp.

There is nothing about this mani I don't love. The clash of the colours is just delicious.  Next time I need me some happy, this is the mani I'm doing :)

Enjoy xx :)

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