Saturday, 8 September 2012

The A to Z of Polish - C is for China Glaze

Hi Goddesses

I'm sooo sorry it's taken a couple of weeks to get to C in the alphabet, and there is no other reason for it than me!   I knew I wanted to honour China Glaze but I was DAUNTED by how huge an enterprise that was going to be.  So I kept putting it off.  Lol.  Oops.

So why did I choose China Glaze?   Well, a few reasons.  I don't own many polishes by Catrice; most of my Cult Nails are unswatched; ditto for my AMAZING Crows Toes; I don't own any Candeo.

Secondly, well, China Glaze is just AWESOME.  A common polishaholic question is: if you could only wear one brand for life, what would it be ?  Well, my answer has always been China Glaze.  Not because their polishes wow me the most, but because they are excellent value for money and (more importantly) incredibly varied, and that's what impresses me the most - for a big brand, they are incredibly inventive.

Let's just look at what they've released this year -

Prismatics - glitter duochromes

Hunger Games - film tie in


Bohemians - duochromes

On Safari - fall colours

Neons - to die for!

ElectroPop - awesome brights

Every year they release fabulous Collections, and if I was starting my polish library again, China Glaze is where I would start.  Whenever I decide a need a new shade of a colour for nail art, I always look to buy CG before anything else.

And let's not forget that they do holo - OMG and Tronica

above photo from the lovely Polished Criminails.  

They have also got the most fabulous feature on their website HERE.  We've all seen the gizmos where a fake hand shows you how the polish will look, well CG allow you to vary the skin tone and nail length!  Hurrah, no more embarrassing greens for me :)

So which polishes are high on The Crumpet love list ?  Well ....

Atlantis (bottle shot as I've STILL not worn this!)

You can read my Prismatics Round Up here.

Mostly, China Glaze features in my nail art, but that should never detract from how beautiful their colours are.  I hope you've felt the love today, and that you're as excited as I am that they'll be starting 2013 with ANOTHER holo collection.

Oh yeh, we love our China Glaze :) xx
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