Wednesday, 19 September 2012

The ZOYA Fall 2012 Giveaway

Hi Goddesses

We're celebrating again !!!!

A couple of weeks ago, The Crumpet tipped the scales at 1,000 FB likes, which is awesome.   Interestingly, when the blog first started, Followers and Likes were pretty similar for ages, so I don't quite know how or why that changed, but for a long while I had twice as many Followers as FBers.  Weird.

So, this Giveaway is to celebrate that likeyness :)  I recently bought the Zoya Diva and Designer Collections, mainly because 1 or 2 of the polishes really called to me.  I've swatched each of them once, on 1 hand only, and what I've found is that
a) a LOT of them are greens and
b) a lot of them are dupes for colours I already have

So, I'm gifting them to you.  The polishes are -

Toni, Noot, Ray, Rekha, Elisa and Natty.

There will be 2 winners - the 1st picked winner gets to pick the 3 they would like the most, and the 2nd winner gets the 3 that are left!

The Giveaway is open internationally until Tuesday 2nd October.

Good luck, and thank you !!!

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