Sunday, 30 September 2012

Zoya Noot - Swatch, Stamp & Review

Hi Goddesses

Ah Zoya Noot, how I love and despise you in equal measure. How you bewitch yet thwart me; fascinate yet repel me; how you show me your riches yet deny me .... argh!

Erm yes, so Zoya Noot, weird name, cool polish.  I love it.  It's a mesmeric green.  It's dark, it has tones of evil, it's murky.  It's a great green, and in real life I like this colour, and even have clothes this colour.

Zoya Noot however, is all s-Noot-y about me, and despises my skin tone.  Yes, I look RUBBISH in it, and that's what makes it so argh!  It's a gorgeous polish, and I can't wear it, because  .... well, this colour just looks wrong on me.  Dammit!

And look how nice it looks stamped too!  There was something so rich and classic about the green, that I thought it deserved gold script over it.

This is BM-311, and a skittle using most of the images as they're all lovely.  Gold - Barry M Gold foil of course :)

This is a really rich and Christmassy combination, full of class, quite "olde" and distinguished.

Enjoy xx :)
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