Monday, 8 October 2012

Barry M Blackberry meets .... Models Own Boogie Nights

Hi Goddesses

Ok, ok, I admit it, I TOTALLY saved the best for last.  Not just my favourite Barry M Gelly, but also my favourite Models Own Mirrorball AND my favourite layering combination.  There is NOTHING about this mani that doesn't scream WINNER to me :)

So, Barry M Blackberry you perfectly named hunk of lusciousness you.  Oooh, I could smear you on toast, lick you off my fingers or .... sorry, got carried away there!

Isn't the colour LUSCIOUS?  Isn't it just the richest, glossiest, sexiest, most awe-inspiring colour you've ever seen ?  AND this is 1 coat !!!

This is the perfect fusion of colour, texture and tone.  Blackberry for me is the hands down, pants down, wave it all around winner of the Gelly Collection.

And then we have Mirrorball ...... the purple one is Boogie Nights.  And it's not just purple - looks there's flashes of blue, as well as a myriad of pink, violet and lilac tones.

The combination of these polishes is insane.   The backdrop is deep enough to light the glitters up like a starry sky, and both seem to come to life that little bit more in each other's company.

I've complained before about the smell of these Models Own polishes.  Well, this is one I'm willing to keep and risk a headache for.  Absolutely glorious.

I hope you've enjoyed all these layering swatches.  They're not my usual thing, but I've enjoyed being able to show you 2 polishes at once.

Enjoy xx :)
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