Saturday, 6 October 2012

Blogger Collaboration - Your Most and Least Expensive Polishes

Hi Goddesses

This weekend, a few of us are posting about our most and least expensive polishes.  Being ill, and slack, I completely forgot about this til mid-week, so mine has been rather rushed.  I wish I'd had a little more time to genuinely double check my stash, but I'm pretty sure I'm close to golden with these 2 choices.

When my polish addiction began, I had a lot of spare cash.  I am also a "want it NOW" kind of girl and an eBay whore .... can you see where I'm going with this?   So in those days, I thought nothing of dropping a bomb in a US ebay store packed with HTFs, which is where I found THIS - OPI Who Are You Wearing ?

Before I'd ever heard of blog sales or Facebook groups where you could swap polish, these ebay stores seemed the only way to me that I could lay my hands on such desirables, so I did.  Indiscriminately.  And frequently lol.

WAYW is from the 2007 Holiday In Hollywood collection, and I think it cost me about £18.   It's a purple!!!  I thought it was worth it !!!  And it's rare.  So there.  Oh, I rhyme.  Allll the time .. sorry ?  Yes, so I bought it off eBay, didn't wear it for ages, and this is only the 2nd time I'm wearing it.

I'm strangely drawn to old and classic OPI at the moment, maybe because their new stuff just doesn't tickle my sweet spot, but I don't know that I've ever felt the wow factor from this polish.  It's a deep dark purple, and whilst some posts describe this as a blurple, on me it just looks like a very inky purple.  It's annoying - behold the shimmery swirly glory of the bottle shot:  it's like someone sucked the Fantasy Fire back out before it touched my nails :/

There is a LOT going on in this polish, but sadly I think it's just a little too shadowed to let you see all it's got to offer.  Half a tone lighter, and I think there'd have been 5 times more complexity.  It's sad, but wearing this makes me feel I'm missing out on this polish's big secret.

So, least expensive polish ?  Well, I've often been a bit of a polish snob, so I don't really do bucket buys or £1 special offers.  Instead, for least expensive I want to honour everyone who's ever sent me an extra gift in a swap package and given me an extra thrill - for free.

This week, I got my latest swap package from Bee, which included something for the cats, something for Beth, and something for me :)  As she was thinning her stash she found a purple she didn't like, and immediately knew which home it should go to :)

Orly Royal Velvet is a very smooth duochrome - like a creme version of Models Own Purple Blue from their Bettlejuice Collex.   

As you know, I'm not usually an Orly fan.  This amused me how it went on.  The first coat goes on purple and the second coat goes on blue.  Swear to God.  I know it's the same polish, but honestly, they go on different colours!

So this is a violety brown purple with blue flash overtones.    This is a tone that in real life I am never sure how much I like.  The blue never looks "quite" right to me, like the blue finish to a piece of steak.

In the photos, this looks the bomb, so maybe the fact that it's now midnight isn't helping, and really, I just need to behold it in the light of day.

So dare we say it - which one do YOU prefer ?

Enjoy xx :)

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