Saturday, 13 October 2012

CROWS TOES I Make The Path

Hi Goddesses

Now this is an interesting little polish.   

I Make The Path is .... well, where do we start?  Firstly, it's a bit of an odd one out from the rest of the Crows Toes polishes.  It's not crazy in colour or sensory overload, and in many ways it's a little washed out.

IMTP is a mix of silver, gold, pearly white and a little bit of blue glitter.  In some lights, it looks like shredded bones, in others, like an old fashioned jewellery box.

It really does look like Thing or another Crows Toes polish and as if Lauri just put it through the washing machine to bleed most of the colour out, and I love that quality to it.   There's not that many polishes out there in this colour.

I layered mine over a lovely KIKO blue ... I think it's going to look stunning over oranges and reds though.

Enjoy xx :)
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