Monday, 15 October 2012

Crows Toes KatNip

Hi Goddesses

The Crows Toes joy continues, and .... sound of screeaching needle on a record ... here we are at the green :)

To be honest, I've gotten to the point with greens now where even though they're not for me, I can appreciate them, and KatNip has a lot to appreciate.

This is a dark emerald green glitter, laced with gold and I chose to do it over a skittle to see which undies suited it next.  We have - 

thumb = My Boyfriend Scales Walls
index = CG Westside Warrior
Middle = Barry M Mint Green
Ring = OPI Black Onyx
little = Revlon Toad

I also chose to apply the polish differently on each nail, again to see which effect brought the polish most to life.

I have to say, my personal favourite is the index, Westside Warrior.  There's something about the warm, mushy tones of the base, and how it clashes with the bright cold tones of the glitter that really appeals to me.

Ultimately, being a green, this may not be destined to stay in my stash forever, but for now it's a very pretty lurker :)

Enjoy xx :)
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