Tuesday, 9 October 2012

CROWS TOES Morticia - Swatch and Review

Hi Goddesses

You may remember that for my birthday I was lucky enough to receive the entire Crows Toes Collection from my lovely friends in my birthday group.  Since then, I've been steadily wearing them, and they're now all nearly ready to come out and play :)

This is Morticia.   To be honest, I could stop writing right now because I just can't help but drool over these photos.

Every now and then I accidentally do something quite clever, and it was a real gem of an idea to layer Morticia over a skittle of reds.

On the thumb we have OPI Sheer MY Toys, index is Barry M Block Orange, middle is Zoya Sooki, ring is Zoya Cola and the pinkie is Rimmel Purple Rain.

For me, Morticia looks loveliest over Sooki, but Cola gives her a fabulous run for her money.  Then, because they're side by side, they play off each other, and you get this great mirrored perfection staring back at you.

Technicals - Morticia is a red, silver and black glitter in a clear base, but just oh so glorious.  As with all Crows Toes polishes, she's not skimpy on the glitter, and the craziness just looks awesome.

There's going to be pretty much non-stop Crows Toes for the next 2 weeks - including one tomorrow for Work Wear Wednesday :)

Enjoy xx :)
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