Thursday, 11 October 2012

CROWS TOES - Murder By #'s

Hi Goddesses

In every collection, there is always a polish which is the runt of the litter.  It's the one that doesn't get much love and / or attention and the one that most people overlook.  Usually, it's this same polish that people refer back to months or years later as the standout from the Collection - it's a creeper in our affections, the equivalent of a movie sleeper.   This is that polish.

My Birthday Group gifted me the entire Crows Toes set for my birthday - I'd been lemming them for yonks, and as I can also be a nightmare to buy for, it was a win / win for everybody!  When they arrived, I ooohed and aaahed, and I even appreciated the majesty of the white and the black.  This one, this got a brief meh and was pushed to the back of the pile.

Aw, poor polish.  But here's the astounding thing - in the bottle, this looks gunmetal grey dull, on the nail .... stunning.   Murder By #'s is dark, decayed and devious - it's the perfect witch's polish.

Murder By #'s isn't grey at all - it's a purple-green duochrome - and how I didn't notice that at first glance, I do not know. It's also laden with green glitter and holographic glitter.  Seriously, this is a witches brew of a polish - it looks like toads, lizards and dragons gave their guts and scales to make this one come to life.

To be honest, under artificial light, this does dull out, and I think that's why I didn't notice what was going on.  The nights are getting darker in the UK and so it's only been this weekend that I've seen it in daylight.  I love that this polish has that sinister duality - dull on the surface, but darkly magical if you know which rock to lift :)

Pleasingly for me, this settles most at it's purple base, but rarely for a duochrome, you can see the purple and the green AT THE SAME TIME on the nail.  I've struggled to capture it in photos, but it is there - a nail that's green AND purple at the same time.

This really is a special polish, and it requires a unique creativity to imagine it.  Kudos to Lauri for birthing this bitchin' brew.  It's what this witch will be wearing all Hallowe'en.

Enjoy xx :)
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