Monday, 29 October 2012

CROWS TOES Tangled Web

Hi Goddesses

Now THIS was an unexpected winning combination for me.  Don't you just love it when you buy a polish with modest aspirations and it turns into a stunner?

Tangled Web is a black and electric blue glitter bomb which retains a soul of darkness.   It's the usual mix of hexes, bar glitter and small glitter, but there's something about the combination that is oh so right.

I think a big part of why I loved this mani is the base - KIKO 380 is a divinely dingey dark grey, and it played to the dark heart of this polish perfectly.

When I said I thought I ruined Last Call At The Crow Bar with the undies, this was on my mind.  I think if I'd layered it over this base, it would have looked much darker and delicious.

I love the blue in this.  A colour that should be vaguely happy and electric sits with remarkable contentment next to the blackness of this glitter.

All in all, a great combination - enjoy xx :)
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