Sunday, 28 October 2012


Hi Goddesses

Yesterday I showed you the STUNNING Hell Hath No Fury from the Crows Toes Halloween Collection, and today I have it's twin, VooDoo.

Why do I call her her twin ?  Well, they both have that bright colour clash wow factor, and they both share some sensational orange glitter.  They probably have more differences than similarities, but for me they share a common soul.

VooDoo is a another glitterbomb in a clear base, and this time, the orange fights with purple and a little dash of green.

What I love most about Lauri's polishes is their non-uniformity. So you get hexes, squares, shards, and even my personal nemesis - bar glitter aka hairy glitter.  It's to Lauri's eternal credit that she makes me NOT CARE about the hairy glitter - she's THAT good lol.

I layered VooDoo over OPI Koala Bear-y, a fabulously intense pink, and the colour clash and pay off was just spectral.   I adore this combination.    

I also love that in the dark and creepy Halloween season we have 2 such vivid polishes - they speak of fire, hell and sorcery, but they are glam enough to wear all year round too.

Lots more Crows heading your way - enjoy xx :)
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