Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Forever Autumn - Green and Gold

Hi Goddesses

Today's autumn post is about the start of the season.  The moment when the first hints of decay creep into the colour scheme, and the green starts to bleed away in favour of gold.

You may recognise the base of this mani from the Blackness Descending post (here).  I then stamped over it using Barry M Gold foil and LeaLac plate B.

I don't honestly know if the pattern is leafy, or whether it's paisley ha ha, but it seemed appropriate, and it captured the falling motion pretty well too.

If you haven't tried the LeaLac plates from Llarowe yet, I suggest you add them to your wishlist.  Interesting patterns and great quality.  The only downside is that the patterns are HUGE, so whilst this is great news if you have really long nails, it does mean some patterns are a little compromised, and shrinking them 30% or so would have made a much more effective design.  But despite that, I love 'em.

Enjoy xx :)
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