Monday, 29 October 2012

Forever Autumn - OPI Deutsch You Want Me Baby meets Shimmer Rochelle

Hi Goddesses

Wow, it's funny how life takes over, isn't it?  I did a series of Autumn posts and they were all set to run just after 23rd September .... hhhmmm :)

I'm going to run them this week - some are like this post, just a great polish or 2, and others are full on nail art and stamping.  Then the week after that I'll run Animal Week - those posts have been loitering since about mid-August !

If this combination doesn't say "pile of autumn leaves", then I really don't know what does.  Let's talk undies first.  This is Deutsch You Want Me Baby from the OPI Germany Collection.  It's a lovely shimmery coppery orangey rusty colour, and whilst I love it, I think it's long term use is more likely to be for nail art than as an individual polish.

It's a colour that has divided bloggers, with a few of them calling it a granny colour.  Whilst it's certainly more of an "old-fashioned" colour, I'm currently all about trying to find shades I DON'T already have in my collection, so I really liked this one.

There's also something quite special about how it holds the light.  The shimmer is quite spectacular and often looks lit from within.  So, lovely, but maybe limited to this particular season each year.

This is teamed with Rochelle, from Shimmer.  I bought 4 polishes a few weeks ago, and OMG, this is just autumn in a bottle.  Before we get into the specifics of this polish, I just want to applaud Shimmer as a brand.   Cindy's polishes are glitter explosions.  Rich and dense with colour, they also have indecent amounts of dazzle, which keep glinting in the light all day, making work *really* difficult. I really wasn't prepared for how impressed I was going to be with them.

So Rochelle herself, all things autumnal - butterscotch, leaves, cider, gold, roaring fires, fireworks - autumn in a bottle.

I not only love the colour blend of the glitters, but also the size blend.  This has started to become quite important to me, as I really struggle with those polishes that have JUST micro glitter in them.  Equally, chunky glitters can be hard to get Goldilocks perfect, so this blend (and to give you an idea, it's similar to the blend OPI used for Excuse Moi) is just about application perfection.

I have a few more Shimmers to show you over the next few weeks.  You've already seen Cristina here, which was one of 2 extras Cindy kindly sent me for review.

See you tomorrow with a little bitta autumn nail art :)  Enjoy xx
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