Monday, 1 October 2012

Glimmer By Erica - Rainbow Brite Collection Part 1 Swatch and Review

Hi Goddesses

The lovely Erica sent me her latest collection to review, and before it even got to the UK, she'd released another lol.  So this is her not-brand-new-but-still-quite-new Collection, Rainbow Brite.

This is Erica's description of the Collection - 
Hey Ya'll! I am releasing my new collection today, it is based on five Rainbow Brite characters. I loved Rainbow Brite when I was a little girl and I thought it would be a perfect show to base a collection on! I am only doing five characters for the moment but if they do well I may add more. I know everyone is doing fall collections right now, but as I have always been unconventional I decided to do this one first. Plus, I am from Mississippi and it's still HOT down here! It doesn't feel like fall to me yet, so I will hold off on a fall collection for now. I will have one, just not when it's still triple digits where I live! =)

Being British, I had no idea what this meant lol, but the glory of Google enlightened me to some pony-type creatures :)

Today you get to see 3 polishes, and I am saving 2 for tomorrow, because I did slightly wild things with them :)

First up, we have Starlite Shine, another glitter-laden white polish.   You know my thoughts, they don't suit me, and there are already too many in the world lol.   

This one however does contain glitter in EVERY colour of the rainbow, making it a little different.  

I layered this over 2 coats of OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls, and then realised this might not give you a fair impression, because it left the glitter unlayered, so there are 2 coats of glitter on the thumb, middle and little fingers.

As you can probably guess, not for me, but lovely if you like this sort of polish.

Starlite Shine has a twin, Rainbow Sprinkles, which is the exact same polish, but in a clear base.

I layered this over 2 glorious coats of KIKO 387.  Although it's called Turquoise, it leans teal, but it made a perfect base for the glitter.

Why is it that multi-coloured glitter over a bluey colour always reminds me of glitterfish ?  Lol.  Lovely combo.

The final one today is unusual.  This is Shrinking Violet, the purple of the bunch, and therefore somewhat destined to be my favourite.

I didn't want to do the normal thing and layer it over purple or lilac, so in homage to Hallowe'en I layered it over a colour it shouldn't match - OPI Don't Talk Bach To Me.

These 2 colours clash beautifully.   For some reason, this really hasn't translated to the photos.  On the hand, this was a stunning and really arresting combination, but sadly the photos look rather ordinary.

All the polishes applied easily.  Although Erica's polishes have more than a bottle's worth of glitter in them, they are not a struggle to use, although you do really need to wipe the brush if you want a sparser look than the ones I've achieved.

Enjoy, and I'll see you tomorrow with the other 2 polishes from the Collection (and my favourite combinations) Punky Patty and Canary Cheer.  Yellow and Green !!!  Seriously !! Lol xx :)
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