Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Glimmer by Erica - Rainbow Brite Collection, part 2

Hi Goddesses

Yesterday I showed you 3 of the 5 polishes in Glimmer by Erica's Rainbow Brite Collection - here.  Today, we are going to look at the final 2, which were my favourite combinations of all of them - and get this, it's the green and the yellow!  I KNOW !!!

First up, we have the yellow polish, Canary Cheer.  I didn't really want to review it, but in a moment of devilment (knowing my hatred of yellow), Erica "insisted".  I thanked her.  Through  gritted teeth :)

Canary Cheer is a clear base with yellow hex glitter, the occasional large yellow flower and smatterings of silver glitter.  

With both of these polishes, I wanted to layer them over something unexpected, and with Hallowe'en looming, I used that as my colour inspiration.   CC is layered over the amazing KIKO 334 Dark Violet, so smooth and glorious.

I really liked the outrageousness of this combination.  Purple and yellow isn't a combination you often see, and believe me, NOBODY missed this the day I wore it lol.

And now for my very favourite combination - Punky Patty over OPI Kiss Me On The Tulips.

I don't know what it is, but there is just something about this combination that's just about perfect.  1 coat all over, except the ring finger which got 2.

Punky Patty took me by surprise actually.  As I'm sure you can imagine, I wasn't over excited about it, but it totally caught me unawares with its complexity.

I LOVE that it is smattered with yellow and blue glitter, just taking that green edge away and turning it into something all the more beautiful.

And then there's that accent finger.  This was 2 coats, so you can see how very quickly it builds.  Now, tell me that isn't the basis for a PERFECT mermaid mani?

So there we go.   Punky Patty my unexpected winner, with the purple one (Shrinking Violet) possibly struggling to even make the Top 3.   Hmmmmm, how the HELL did that happen.  Did these Rainbow Brite creatures have magical powers?

Enjoy xx :)
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