Monday, 22 October 2012

Glimmer by Erica - Trick or Treat

Hi Goddesses

You now how sometimes you buy something on impulse, not because you necessarily love it, but because some 6th Spidey sense is telling you it's going to be awesome ?  Uh huh.  This is that polish.

Trick or Treat is from Glimmer By Erica's Halloween range, and although it IS Halloweeny, it is also, perhaps, the very defnition of autumn.

In the past, I've owned Pumpkin Spice, Ick-a-Body and Fortune Teller, and NONE of them have looked right on me. However, something about this blend of copper (slightly more than the shop photos), yellow, purple and red reached out to me and wow wow wow, I love  it !!

I think the undies have a big thank you to play here.  The undies are China Glaze Velvet Bow, the ultimate sensual ruby, and for me, it just accentuates the fallen leaves aspect of the polish.  Look at it - don't you just want to put your wellies on and crunch around ??!!

I absolutely love this polish - it's the perfect blend of colours, and a great example of what happens when you mix 2 colours which should clash - but don't.

You can visit Erica's store HERE.

Enjoy xx :)
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