Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Go Pink Wednesday - Flowers

Hi Goddesses

I promised you last week that I would get my art out, and I finally did!  This is a super easy design that any nail art newbie can handle :)

The base is the gorgeous OPI Koala Bear-y.  It's such a beautiful intense fuchsia.    The flowers are OPI Sparrow Me The Drama, and the bits in the middle are Barry M Yellow.

Not only is this easy, it's a quick design too, and all you need is a dotting tool.   If you don't have a dotting tool, there are lots of things around the house you can use as a substitute - a bobby pin, a cocktail stick / toothpick, an old pencil or dried out pen or felt tip - but if you decide to buy them, they're really cheap on eBay - a couple of pounds / dollars for 5, and they usually come double ended, so you get 10 sizes of dots.

The first step is to randomly apply your centres - I always like when patterns aren't *just* in the middle of the nail, so you'll see I did a few near the sides and edges of the nail.

After the middle is dry, you can then go round with the dotting tool and another colour to do your petals.  I used the same sized tool throughout, but if I did it again, I think I'd pick a slightly smaller dotting tool for the petals.

Once it was dry, I redid the centres, as some of the pink dots had overlapped them, applied my Poshe, et voila.

Simple, beautiful, effective.

Enjoy xx :)

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