Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Go Pink Wednesday - Reciprocal Gradient

Hi Goddesses

Today is the final mani for Go Pink Wednesday - I hope you've been checking out the thumbnails every week, there are some seriously fabulous ladies involved.

A little earlier in the week, I mentioned a new blog I had fallen in love with - Globe and Nail.   A couple of weeks ago she had an awesome gradient mani where she added tape and then reversed the gradient - fancy, eh ?

So here is my mani, in 2 halves.  I did a normal gradient, which I wore all day before I then added the reciprocal element.  Let's look at the basic gradient first.

This was a gradient of OPI Steady As She Rose and Sparrow Me The Drama, with an added top coat of Northern Lights.  There was just something twinkly perfect about this - so girlie and pretty!

I then added tape, and did an opposing gradient.  I used thicker tape than Emma did, because well, I'm not delicate, but I still like how it came out.  I love how it's almost an illusion, and quite hard to see exactly where the colours collide.

I think next time I'd like to do this with a bolder colour scheme - it's VERY fancy.  Go Emma !

Enjoy xx :)

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