Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Go Pink Wednesday - Saran Wrap

Hi Goddesses

Today's post is a simple look, and one that I was going to take a bit further, but I was so ill at the weekend, I literally could not be bothered.  So, apologies!

This is a saran wrap mani using 2 very contrasting shades of pink - anyone else think the finished product looks like one of those yoghurts where you mix the fruit in yourself ?  Lol.

This is a base of 2 coats of China Glaze Traffic Jam, a fabulously intense fuschia.

For those of you who haven't done a saran wrap before, I'm going to take the next steps slowly - 

1.  Once the polish is dry, the important thing now is that we are only doing 1 nail at a time.  It is vital you do this while the polish is wet, so you can't paint the whole hand.  1 nail at a time !!

2.  I then layered 1 thick coat of OPI Steady As She Rose on top of my DRY thumbnail.  Thick and sloppy.

3.  You then need something to "dab" with.   Choices I've seen used are - a roughly scrunched up bit of paper, wadded tissue, some scrunched up saran wrap (hence the name) or (and this is what I used) some scrunched up bubble wrap from that day's nail mail lol!

4.  You then need to quickly and roughly dab at your wet polish.  As you do so, it lifts up in random patches, exposing the colour underneath.

5.  Be aware of The Tipping Point.  There is a point in this process where 1 more dab is a dab too far!  Keep an eye on what you're doing.

6.  Gone too far?  I thought I had too much Traffic Jam showing on one nail, so I just added another thick stripe of SASR and dabbed a teeny bit more and  - bingo!

7.  top coat = smooooooth and lush

I really love these manis.  They are so simple and they are perfect for "splodgers" like me.  I love the texture they create too - they look like woolly fluffy clouds!

Enjoy xx :)

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