Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Halloweenie - Black Cat Lacquer BLOODY KISSES

Hi Goddesses

Ok, no beating around the bush - I LOVE THIS POLISH !!!

Will you look at it!!!  It has red glitter, darker red glitter, square glitter !!!  LOVE.  IT.

This is Bloody Kisses from Black Cat Lacquer.  I did know I would like this polish, but I didn't know exactly how crazy I would be for it.  Just look at it - perfection !!!

This is 1 heavenly .... no devilishly gorgeous coat over OPI Black Onyx, with 2 coats on the ring finger.   I'm just agog and a-drool at how many shades of red are on display, from poppy to ruby to crimson to red-violet.

So far, this is my winner in the Halloweenies Sweepstakes, hands down, pumpkins out and blood squirting all around.  

This is deep dark crushed velvet, mushed black cherries, bloody ice cubes and the darkest red wine.   It's such a deliciously dark cocktail.  Truly intoxicating.

Enjoy xx :)
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