Sunday, 21 October 2012

Halloweenie - Dollish Polish - Zombie Flesh

Hi Goddesses

Wow, there's a lot of GREEN on this blog at the moment.  Ironic, huh?   As if I didn't struggle enough wearing green, and then they have to make it the colour for Depression Awareness too?  Well, I guess I should feel lucky they didn't pick yellow :/

Now today is a special day.  It's a green.  I like it.  AND it likes me.  Wahooooo!

As you know, me and green polishes .... nah.  It's never happy.  For this reason, I always resisted Dollish Polish's Zombie Flesh, beautiful though it is .... until I saw it a few months ago on Chloe's Nails and yes, my first green lemming was born!

So why did this one squeeze through my defenses?   Well, the complexity.  There's a LOT going on, and I love it for that - but not so much that any one component overpowers the rest.

Firstly, the base is a dirty khaki / crocodile green, with smudges of swamp and grey.   I am sat here convincing myself that this is *precisely* the shade of green that's perfect for my skin tone :)

Then it's loaded with tiny black glitter.  Pustules?  Scabs ?  Hair follicles ?  Who knows, I'm not good with zombie folklore.

Then we have microscopic electric green-yellow glitter.  Subtle dazzle.  Great juxtaposition with the black, and the dead tone of the green.

Usually at the end of a green glitter polish post I end it feeling "appreciative" of the art that went into it, but slightly sick, cos, you know, it's GREEN.  But not with this one.  I genuinely like this, so it's going to live in my very small "green box" with a very few select friends!

Enjoy xx :)
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